Debt problems can make life miserable. Mounting interest, late fees, creditor tactics like harassing phone calls and threats of lawsuits can all cause stress. Bankruptcy offers relief from these hardships, and a chance to put your debt problems behind you and keep your creditors from taking action against you.

When people need to hire a bankruptcy attorney, they have often been dealing with a difficult financial situation for quite some time. Experienced lawyers, like Emily Henson, who are dedicated to aggressively advocating on behalf of their clients and delivering personal attention can make your legal experience less stressful.

Emily J. Henson provides experienced, professional and knowledgeable legal representation to everyday people facing bankruptcy. Emily’s goal is to work together to provide a comfortable atmosphere, in which you can trust her to support your interests.

Bond Law Office

Emily is currently with the Bond Law Office in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Click here to learn more about Bond Law Office..


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Emily J. Henson, Attorney at Law, PLLC is located in Lowell, Arkansas and serves clients throughout the entire State of Arkansas as well as clients in and around Johnson, West Fork, Elkins, Elm Springs, Fayetteville, Farmington, Greenland, Prairie Grove, Lincoln, Tontitown, Winslow, Springdale, Summers, Goshen, Canehill, Morrow, Siloam Springs, Evansville, Cave Springs, Lowell, Rogers, Benton County, Crawford County, Madison County and Washington County.